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AB Diagnostic Systems GmbH




AMEOS Group | KH Labor GmbH



anvajo GmbH



aokin AG

Aokin is developer, producer and distri­butor of immuno­­diagnostics and offers analytical services for food and feed (ISO 17025). We are experts in homogenous assays such as the Fluorescence Polarization Immuno Assay (FPIA), sample preparation products and reference mate­rials. Analytes incude mycotoxins, coffein, canna­binoids.

ATLAS Biolabs GmbH

ATLAS Biolabs GmbH is a pan-European leading service provider in the area of DNA sequence accumulation and gene chip technology. The company is equipped with all important DNA chip platforms, has a mass spectrometer (Sequenom®) on hand and is a certified provider of Affymetrix, Agilent and NimbleGen.

Atlas Medical UG



Attomol GmbH

Logo: Attomol
Attomol GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes medical diagnostics for molecular genetics, infectiology and autoimmune diagnostics. Their products comprise Quicktype mutation detection, Loop Tag, DNA LINA, antibody LINA and bead assays. R&D priorities are bead assays for real-time PCR detection of nucleic acids and antibodies.

AVA Lifescience GmbH



Berlin Cures GmbH

Berlin Cures develops an aptamer as a drug for the treatment of diseases that are associated with patho­genic autoantibodies directed against G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR-AABs). A phase-1 study in the indication of dilated cardio-myopathy is imminent. A bioassay for the detection of GPCR-AABs is offered for research and routine testing.

BiFlow Systems GmbH





BIOCYC GmbH & Co. KG supplies its customers with biochemicals such as synthetic peptides and protease inhibitors and reagents for immuno­histo­chemistry, histology and cytology, e.g. anti­bodies, detection systems, special stains, buffer and FISH. We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Our QMS guarantees products of highest quality.


Since more than 30 years BIOREF GmbH – a privately owned company – is dedicated to develop, produce and distribute human quality serum controls. We have a great expertise in the production of tailor-made controls serving the specific needs of our customers, e.g. controls for POCT, Comp­anion Diagnostics, Immunoassays and OEM.

biotechrabbit GmbH

biotechrabbit aims to offer the best life science products, services and custom solutions for molecular diagnostic industry and research. Driven to exceed limitations with innovation, we provide ultra-pure enzymes for diagnostics, anti­body development and production, lyo­phili­zation services and reagents for PCR, nucleic acid purification and protein research.

BioTeZ Berlin-Buch GmbH

Logo: BioTeZ BioTeZ Berlin-Buch GmbH is a biotechnological oriented company focusing on biodiagnostics and food analysis, academic services and services for genomic research and biotechnology. Furthermore BioTez offers customized synthesis of modified as well as unmodified RNA and DNA oligonucleotides.

biotx.ai GmbH

Due to their small samples and many features bio­medical data are difficult to analyze using standard reported machine learning approaches. biotx.ai pro­vides highly sophisticated machine learning for biomedical drug development by identifying signi­ficant patterns in biomedical data sets.

BST Bio Sensor Technology GmbH

Bio Sensor Technology GmbH is a European market leader in the field of multi-use biosensors and an internationally operating company based in Berlin and Issum (Lower Rhine). BST’s core competence is to develop and manu­facture multi-use biosensors as well as biosensor-based tools and consumables.

CANDOR Bioscience GmbH

CANDOR Bioscience GmbH supplies solutions to immunodiagnostics kit manufacturers. Stabilizers, blockers and optimizers help to avoid false results and enable longer shelf lives for kits such as ELISA, lateral-flow assays, protein arrays and others. CANDOR is specialized in human and veterinary diagnostics.

Carpegen GmbH

Carpegen is a provider and developer of high-quality molecular diagnostics. Within the scope of collaborations, contract development, and research projects, the company focuses on developing and out-licensing quan­titative PCR (qPCR) assays and point-of-care diagnostics/ integrated systems, e.g. for the diagnosis of specific infec­tions and the detection of genetic bio­markers.

CellTrend GmbH

Since 1999 CellTrend has offered reliable products and services in the area of cell culture test systems and immunoassays. CellTrend is an experienced associate accompanying developmental projects and studies and also works as a contract laboratory. The field of individual optimizing of therapies was hived to the Center for Molecular Oncology (Zentrum für molekulare Onkologie GmbH).

Central BioHub GmbH

Central BioHub conducts the largest online marketplace for human biospeci­mens. We offer you a wide range of human biospeci­mens of high quality and diversity. Together, we increase the quality of your biospecimens and enhance the performance of your re­search work. Our goal is to achieve an improvement in patient care.

Cybertron GmbH




Cybertron GmbH focuses on development, design and manufacturing of laboratory and medical devices by already having acquired several patents in this field. Development and production is maintained according to ISO 9001 and IVD-compliant ISO 13485. Our develop­ments always stand out for quality, precision, ease of operating and compact design: persona­lized mini pipetting platforms (MPP) for sample preparation in diagnostics and analytics, filling and dosing systems, mechatronic OEM components.

DLD Diagnostika GmbH

DLD Diagnostika develops, markets and provides scientific service for high-quality innovative tests for in-vitro diagnostics, especially autoimmune and cardio­vascular diseases as well as renal dys­function. The methodo­logy of the tests is primarily based on immunoassay techniques such as RIA and ELISA. DLD is the coordinating point between research and routine lab.

DST Diagnostic Systems & Technologies GmbH

DST Diagnostische Systeme und Technologien GmbH is an innovative science driven company focusing on developing and manufacturing of in-vitro testing solutions for allergies and food intolerance. A wide range of 600 high-quality allergens is the base for ELISA lab tests and POC tests enabling a rapid and accurate diagnosis.

engine gmbh

With E. coli expressed proteins derived from cDNA libraries of different human tissues, engine gmbh offers the largest collection of arrayed proteins. The arrays can be used in a great number of app­lications like screening of autoantibodies, identification of biomarkers, epitope mapping or analysis of protein inter­actions.

Epimune GmbH

Pioneering Epigenetic Immune Cell Diagnostics: Epimune develops in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests based on epigenetic immune cell quantifi­cation. Our tests run on less than 100 µl of fresh or archived blood or tissue samples. This makes Epimune’s tests uniquely suitable for clinical appli­cations where fresh blood samp­les of sufficient quantity and quality are difficult to obtain.

Epiontis GmbH | Precision for Medicine

Based on a novel molecular diagnostic technology Epiontis, part of Precision for Medicine, offers an immune cell moni­toring service for research purposes and clinical studies as well as customized development of epigenetic assays. Epiontis’ epigenetic assay kits enable the client to identify and quantify any cell type in a precise and easy fashion.


Fassisi GmbH is a German manufacturer and developer of on-site rapid test systems, with focus in the veterinary field, based in Goettingen. We manufacture a wide range of rapid test systems for the small and large animal sector according to the GMP guidelines. We also offer our many years of experience for customer-specific developments on behalf of customers.

GA Generic Assays GmbH

GA Generic Assays GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes various types of in-vitro tests such as immunofluorescence, ELISA, fast tests, Latex, LINE/Dot, Blot, PCR. Most recently the company has developed an ELISA to detect anti-GP2 –  a novel marker for Morbus Crohn disease. Medipan GmbH is partner of GA.


GILUPI GmbH develops – based on their own paten­ted technologies – novel diagnostic products for the in-vivo isolation of rare cells from the blood, with the current focus on the oncology market. The GILUPI CellCollector™ is the first approved product harboring this novel technology and worldwide the only CE- marked product for the in-vivo isolation of circulating tumor cells (CTCs): allowing to “fish” CTCs directly from the blood circulation and to afterward charac­terize them with different diagnostic methods or analyze them on the molecular level.

HS Diagnomics GmbH

HS Diagnomics is specialized in T-cell beta receptor (TCRbeta / CDR3) profiling by ultra-deep sequencing. With our proprietary technology, tested and optimized by processing hundreds of samples, we can measure the T-cell repertoire in blood and tissue samples in maximal resolution, down to the TCR nucleotide and peptide sequence level of individual cells. Within days we can deliver a molecular view on TCRbeta profiles, a key to understanding the adaptive immune system. Our TCRsafe procedure includes a unique two-step protection system, which efficiently eliminates carryover contamination – thus allowing secure parallel analysis of large numbers of samples.

Hybrotec GmbH

Hybrotec GmbH offers comprehensive business activities in the fields of immuno- and antibody technology. We are specialized in the generation of monoclonal, murine antibodies as a customized service. Furthermore, we develop individual solutions for your requirements,  e.g. the design of novel homogeneous immunoassays.

Institute Cardiac Diagnostics and Therapy GmbH (IKDT)

The Institute Cardiac Diagnostics and Therapy GmbH (IKDT) is one of the leading cardiologic diagnostic laboratories in Germany dealing with the clinical picture of viral heart muscle disease and dilatative cardiomyopathy (DCM). Being one of the rare special laboratories in the world the IKDT conducts diagnostics on heart muscle biopsies as a service for hospitals and cardiologic centers allowing an efficient, causal and pathophysiologically justified therapy.

Immungenetics AG

As a spin-off of the university of Rostock and the innoveas group Immungenetics AG develops since 2009 diagnostics for autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases that allow to predict the course of a disease and hence paves the way to an individual therapy. Parallel activities aim toward drug development and the search for new active agents that enable a repurposing of existing drugs.

Institute for Laboratory Medicine Berlin (IFLB)

The Institute for Laboratory Medicine Berlin (IFLB) is an independent medical laboratory in the heart of Berlin that offers clinical-chemical and hematological basic diagnostics and a vast spectrum of state-of-the art special diagnostics – mainly for endocrinology and pathogen diagnostics.

in.vent Diagnostica GmbH

Logo: in.vent DIAGNOSTICA GmbH
in.vent Diagnostica – your trusted partner for the development and manufacturing of in-vitro diagnostics. Our competences comprise the whole value-added chain of your products: from the supply of raw materials of human origin via protein biochemistry to service of development and production as well as the realization of clinical studies.

InVivo BioTech Services GmbH

The InVivo BioTech Services GmbH is dedicated to the development and production of innovative immuno­assay components and kits for research use. Our experience and know-how enables customers to achieve a fast and more cost-effective route to a ready-to-use product. Our quality system is in compliance to ISO 9001. Our goal is to provide individual solutions, exactly tailored to the customer's needs and to create long-lasting relationships by providing outstanding services and high-quality products to demanding clients. Moreover, we produce monoclonal antibodies and express recombinant proteins.
www.invivo.de | www.transient-transfection.com

labfolder GmbH

Even though experiment data is typically produced in digital format, scientists still often resort to plan and document their research in paper notebooks. labfolder is a digital labora­tory notebook, which makes it possible for re­searchers to record their experiments without cumbersome paperwork.

Lipotype GmbH

Lipotype GmbH is a spin-off of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden. The company offers comprehensive and quantitative high- throughput lipid analyses for clinical and biological samples. With its innovative mass spectrometry-based shotgun lipidomics technique Lipotype delivers brand-new solutions for clinical diagnostics, drug development and food industry.

LykonDX GmbH



MicroDiscovery GmbH

MicroDiscovery develops software and bioinformatics solutions for diagnostics, personalized medicine and biomolecular research. Furthermore the portfolio comprises biostatistical data analysis and data management. The company offers long- standing expertise to design, transfer and analyze studies that are implemented to find and validate biomarkers.


MEDIPAN GMBH develops, manufactures and distributes in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) assays with the main focus on organ-specific autoimmunity. The introduction of the AKLIDES® System allows for the automated and standardized analysis of cell based immuno­fluorescence assays. Including the CytoBead® development, MEDIPAN sets a milestone in the field of IVD.

MVZ Laborverbund GmbH

Logo: hospital Laborverbund Brandenburg-Berlin
The MVZ Laborverbund GmbH is a regional service provider based in Berlin, Bernau, Rüdersdorf and Schwedt. Alongside the clinical and laboratory basic diagnostics the Labor­verbund offers molecular high throughput tech­nology for special diagnostics in the area of autoimmuno­diagnostics, infection serology and liquor diagnostics.

OakLabs GmbH

OakLabs is a privately held company founded in 2011 which delivers advanced R&D solutions by combining highly efficient detection methods with in-silico modeling processes thus shortening long lasting R&D efforts at materially reduced expenses. We specialize in biomarker signatures, software development, lab services and molecule simu­lations.

opTricon GmbH

The opTricon developmental society for optical technologies is experienced in developing and manufacturing components needed in optical telecommunication engineering. opTricon has broaden their portfolio by specializing in the application of optical technologies in the field of patient-oriented diagnostics. The company develops, manufactures and distributes mobile devices (reader) for the quantitative assessment of immunological fast tests (lateral flow assays). The device platform can be configurated freely with various fast tests.

PolyAn GmbH

PolyAn GmbH PolyAn is a nanotechnology company specialized in the modification of surfaces using Molecular Surface Engineering (MSE). Since 1996 PolyAn develops and manufactures consumables for molecular diagnostic and LifeScience research, e.g. functionalized substrates for microarrays and fluorescence encoded microparticles for multiplex bead assays.

preclinics GmbH

preclinics is a CRO for preclinical studies and custom immunization of various species. We are specialized in immunizing llamas and alpacas for generating recombinant antibodies (VHHs or nanobodies®). We provide high-quality native and antisera and other animal products from small and large animals for research and diagnostic purposes.

quartett GmbH

quartett GmbH supplies its customers with biochemicals (synthetic peptides, protease inhibitors ...), reagents for IHC / histology / cytology (antibodies, detection systems, special stains, buffer, FISH ...) and cosmetics / cosmetic peptides. We own two certified production sites (ISO 9001, ISO 13485). Our QMS guarantees products of highest quality.

R-Biopharm AG

The R-Biopharm AG is developer, manufacturer and distributor of diagnostics in the fields of Clinic, Food and Feed analysis. Our product portfolio comprises enzyme immunoassays and molecular biological tests such as PCR, lateral flow, immunoblot and immunofluorescence. We offer individual customized solutions in the field of Companion Diagnostics.


ROBERT RIELE GmbH & Co KG – a family-owned company established in 1946 – is engaged in the development, production and distribution of photometers. These chemistry analyzers are mainly used in clinical chemistry, but also in food and water analysis.

Scienion AG

Scienion AG focuses on ultra low volume liquid handling and micro- array tech­nologies. We offer an integrated product portfolio facilitating and improving multi­parallel bio- analytics, high-throughput screening & production of microarrays in the genomics as well as proteomics field. Scienion's product portfolio comprises hardware, consumables and services. The company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Senova GmbH

Senova GmbH – a medium-sized company headquartered in Weimar, Germany – is specialized in the detection of biomarkers, viruses and micro­organisms. With its high-performance research unit and broad production capacities for in-vitro diagnostics and supplies Senova develops, evaluates and manufactures customized fast test products.

Seramun Diagnostica GmbH

Seramun Diagnostica GmbH develops and manufac­tures reagents for immunoassays and in-vitro diag­nostics kits. Their core competence hereby lies in the production of ready-to-use chromogenic substrates and ready-to-use stabilizers for protein or enzyme conju­gates. Moreover, Seramun produces mono- and poly­clonal antibodies for both IvD manufacturers and re­search institutes and provides custom development of enzyme immunoassays.

sifin diagnostics gmbh

sifin diagnostics gmbh develops and produces test reagents for serotyping pathogens like E. coli, Salmonella, Shigella and Yersinia. Furthermore the company offers media for cultivating microorganisms, test reagents for serotyping blood groups and monoclonal antibodies generated by hybridoma technology.

SpinDiag GmbH

Spindiag devoted itself to the fight against multidrug-resistant bacteria. Using a patented microfluidic platform, Spindiag develops an easy-to-use point-of-care system that tests the hygiene-relevant antibiotic resistances in 30 minutes. The rapid turn-around-time enables hospitals to decide on isolation measures immediately.

ThermoFisher Scientific B•R•A•H•M•S GmbH

Thermo Scientific BRAHMS Biomarkers
Thermo Scientific B•R•A•H•M•S Biomarkers investigates, develops and produces novel diagnostic tests to optimize diagnostics and treatment of life-threatening diseases. Our immunodiagnostic tests (biomarkers) indicated in sepsis, heart, lung and tumor diseases as well as prenatal early diagnostics contribute to a healthier future – for the benefit of patients and doctors respectively.

Center for Molecular Oncology GmbH (ZMO)

The Centrum for Molecular Oncology (ZMO) is a highly specialized laboratory providing the most advanced methods for medical pre­vention and early diagnosis. In case of an actual tumor disease, ZMO’s specialists are able to optimize the treatment. Furthermore the company is engaged in medical diagnostics and research projects to ensure the best results for patients. Due to its close cooperation with the biotech company CellTrend GmbH, ZMO offers a unique range of methods and know­ledge.

Research Institutes

Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU)



BAM Federal Institute for Materials Reseach and Testing


As a part of the BAM Federal  Institute of Material Research and Testing the department of immunoanalysis focuses on all aspects of antibodies and their analytical application. Moreover the institute works on optimizing the generation of monoclonal antibodies. Another core competence of the BAM is to develop validation concepts and to provide information on the quality assurance of immunoassays. Validated reagents, antibodies and conjugates can be purchased via the web shop. Our competence is to advice researchers, developers and users in all issues of immunoassays.

Experimental and Clinical Research Center (ECRC)

The Experimental and Clinical Research Center (ECRC) - a collaboration of the university hospital Charité and the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) – aims to intertwine basic and clinical research. Here scientists develop new strategies for diagnosis, prevention and therapy of various indications and apply them on patients.

Fraunhofer IZI-BB

The Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy & Immunology/Branch Bioanalytics & Bioopro­cesses (IZI-BB) in Potsdam conducts applied research in the field of molecular diagnostics, lab-on-chip technologies, nanobiotechnology and the investigation of extremophilic organisms.

fzmb – Research Centre of Medical Technology and Biotechnology

The fzmb GmbH, Research Center for Medical Technology and Biotechnology is a private, non-profit company in the field of in-vitro diagnostics. The fzmb GmbH is a reliable partner for the development of bioreagents, assays, assay platforms and for validation work for industrial collaborative projects and contract research.


Hahn-Schickard develops intelligent products with microsystems engineering – from the design stage to serial production. At its site in Freiburg, the focus is on solutions for analytics, especially for point-of-care diagnostics. With a pilot line, Hahn-Schickard is able to support the product visions of its customers even more effectively.

Institute of Experimental Internal Medicine (Uni Magdeburg)

The Institute of Experimental Internal Medicine (IEIM) in Magdeburg aims at developing individually efficacious therapies for gastric diseases and obesity. Here, we identify diagnostic biomarkers as well as therapeutic target molecules for the companion diagnostics. The newly developed active substances are validated by preclinical tests.

Institute for Microelectronics & Mechatronics Systems (IMMS)

IMMS GmbH offers application-orientated preliminary re­search and development services for small and medium- sized industrial enterprises in the fields of microelec­tronics, mechatronics and system design. The institute offers customer-specific microsystems and sensor solutions for diagnostics, therapy and research. IMMS also conducts product developments and proof-of-concept studies.

Institute of Transfusion Medicine (Charité Berlin)

The research group at the Institute of Transfusion Medicine performs open-topic basic research. Areas of focus are prenatal and autoimmune diagnostics, stem cell transplantation as well as hypertension. The group works in a well-equipped laboratory for molecular biological research and has a strong network within and outside of the Charité.


The research group at the Institute of Transfusion Medicine performs open-topic basic research. Areas of focus are prenatal and autoimmune diagnostics, stem cell transplantation as well as hypertension. The group works in a well-equipped laboratory for molecular biological research and has a strong network within and outside of the Charité.


Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research

The IZW is an interdisciplinary research institute dedicated to developing the scientific basis for novel approaches to wildlife conservation. We study the diversity of life histories and evolutionary adaptations and their limits, including diseases, of free-ranging and captive wildlife species, and their interactions with people and their environment.

Rheumatology Center of Northern Brandenburg

The Rheumatology Center of Northern Brandenburg ‒ founded in 2003 ‒ is recog­nized by the German Society for Rheuma­tology by its credit quality criteria and committed to continuously improve rheuma­tology care. Moreover, we support education and research at the Branden­burg Medical School and the German Rheumatism Research Center in Berlin. We initiate studies regarding rheuma­tology care and comorbidities but are also a reliable partner for other diagnostic and therapeutic research projects by offering well validated patient cohorts and stored materials.

Systems Immunology Lab (Humboldt University Berlin)

The Systems Immunology Lab of the Humboldt University of Berlin focuses on exploiting anti­bodies as both basic research and diag­nostic tools. We provide contract research, develop­ment and consulting services in the following areas: design, execution and auto­mated data analysis of antibody-based appli­cations, bio­marker discovery and validation strategies, statistics support for both experi­mental and clinical data using low and high-throughput.

University of Applied Sciences Wildau

The Institute of Biosystems Technologies (TH Wildau) investigates the electrochemical behavior of biomolecules on metal and carbon electrodes, determines the binding characteristics of these molecules and assesses their interaction on modified surfaces. The institute’s main focus is to develop innovative biosensors.

University of Potsdam

Our core competence lies in the field of bioanalytics. We develop bioanalytical methods both for medical and environmental application and use in the food industry. Our research comprises the development of new analytes and specific receptors as well as their application in novel assays and biosensors.

Competence Partners

CE plus GmbH

CE plus GmbH supports IVD and medical device manufacturers in regulatory affairs (product certification) and quality management systems during all phases of the product lifecycle. Our customers are equally distributed amongst large companies, medium-sized enterprises as well as start-ups. Close collaborations with the mother company Dr. Regenold GmbH (specialized on medicinal products) as well as the regulatory network regulanet founded by Dr. Regenold enable us to address multi­disciplinary and international questions with highest quality.

D+B Attorneys at law

As a specialized law office D + B offers competence and expertise in medical law. The attorneys give advice in all areas of medical law. Their excellence lies in the advisory service concerning social law and health politics.

Dierks+Company Attorneys



DMB Diagnostics GmbH

Dr. Martin Burow is the founder of DMB-Consult and specialized in sales and marketing for Asia and Europe. Due to his many years of work in Japan and his expertise in accrediting and marketing of medical products in the Asian-pacific and European region he represents companies in Europe and Asia supporting them with their market development.

HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg

HealthCapital cluster management assists and pro­motes networking between businesses, the scientific com­munity, healthcare providers and policy makers. It also advises companies interested in locating to the capital region. A honorary cluster spokesperson and experts from across the region provide counsel for strategic decision-making and assume representational functions. Both Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and Branden­burg Invest have joint responsibility for managing the cluster.

Vossius & Partner Patent Attorneys

VOSSIUS & PARTNER is a partnership of patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law with offices in Munich, Berlin and Basel. The firm focuses on high-end advice for innovative com­panies concerning all questions associated with the pro­tection and the enforcement of intellectual property rights. The firm’s areas of expertise comprise all IP fields as well as licensing, competition, pharmaceutical, media and food law. Hereby, they combine the technological and scientific know-how of patent attorneys with the competence of attorneys-at-law.

WFBB – Brandenburg Invest

WFBB (formerly ZAB) is the core drop-in center for investors, companies and technologically oriented business start-ups in the Brandenburg region. WFBB’s portfolio comprises the boosting of economics, innovations, technologies and foreign trades as well as energy consulting and the supervision of technology transfers and company networks