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AACC/Clinical Lab Expo 2019 – Meet DiagnostikNet-BB from August 3rd to 8th in Anaheim, CA, USA

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AACC/Clinical Lab Expo 2019 – Meet DiagnostikNet-BB from August 3rd to 8th in Anaheim, CA, USA


From July August 3rd to 8th the congress of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) will take place in Chicago. Worldwide, the accompa­nying trade fair Clinical Lab Expo ist the biggest exhibition for in-vitro diagnostics – focusing on equipment, tools and services for clinical laboratories.


The exhibition attracts about 23.000 visitors from over 100 countries – besides the US especially from China, Japan, Canada, South America and Europe. A first-class academic program comprising talks, plenary sessions and symposia contribute to the high quality of visitors, which are involved  in purchasing pro­cesses to a considerable extent. Of interest hereby: About 70 % of all participants do not visit any other industrial exhibition.


For the seventh time in a row the network Diagnostik Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. will reside with a henceworth 135 square meter joint booth comprising 14 exhibitors – thereof 9 network members – at the Clinical Lab Expo representing its broad spectrum of diagnostic products and services to interested customers, esp­ecially in the areas personalized medicine/companion diagnostics, point-of-care testing and veterinary diagnostics.


This year – for the fifth time – part of this joint booth is funded by the government of the States Berlin and Brandenburg and will comprise a special infrastructure reprensenting the German Capital Region.


Get to know our participating network members!


anvajo GmbH | booth 1074 | website

biotechrabbit GmbH | booth 1050 | website

Central BioHub GmbH | booth 1070 | website

in.vent Diagnostica GmbH | booth 1052 | website

InVivo BioTech Services GmbH | booth 1062 | website

GA Generic Assays GmbH | booth 1060 | website

Chembio Diagnostics GmbH | booth 1048 | website

PolyAn GmbH | booth 1072 | website

sifin diagnostics gmbh | booth 1076 | website


Moreover, our members Scienion AG and R-Biopharm AG will be present with a separate booth (No. 1579 and 3251 respectively).


We look forward to meeting you at our booth (No. 1054 and 1068) at the Anaheim Convention Center!


Dr. Frauke Adams | General Manager
Phone +49 (0)1721623188
Email f.adams[at]diagnostiknet-bb.de


Further information


Link Clinical Lab Expo


Funded by the States of Berlin and Brandenburg and the investment bank Brandenburg; co-financed by the European Union – European Regional Development Fund.

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