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Cooperation Partners

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BIO Deutschland

Bio Deutschland e.V. BIO Deutschland – the inter-branch asso­ciation of the German biotechnology industry – aims to support and boost the develop­ment of an innovative life science economy. A group of 10 people leads the association. This board consists of chair­men as well as of managing directors of biotechnology companies and bioregions representing all branches of the biotech­nology industry. Currently 280 members belong to BIO Deutschland. DiagnostikNet | BB is an associated member.

Biotechnological Student Initiative (btS)

Logo: btS We, the btS-Berlin, build the bridge between academia, industry and research. We offer students workshops, seminars and guided company tours to experience life sciences beyond uni­versity walls. We aim to acquaint students with the broad and diverse range of scientific institutions and biotechnology com­panies. Moreover our seminars and workshops enable students to acquire important soft skills for their future job.

Demographic Network (ddn)

Demographie Netzwerk (ddn) More than 270 companies and institutions with a staff of about 2 million participate in the Demo­graphic Network (Demographie Netzwerk e.V.). Its aim is to actively shape the demographic change. 10 working groups and theme programs form the network’s heart – together they develop new ideas and exchange know-how regarding themes like health, work organization, qualification and vo­cational training as well as management and corporate culture. Additionally, ddn founded 17 regional divisions, e.g. the regional network Berlin-Brandenburg. Their task: to distribute working groups’ results within small and medium-sized regional companies.

Clinic Ernst von Bergmann gGmbH

Logo: Ernst von Bergmann Klinikum The Clinic Ernst von Bergmann is a future-oriented hospital with a focus on specialist care offering their patients a wide range of services based on interdisciplinary cooperation. With more than 1.000 beds, 25 clinics and departments as well as altogether 20 specialist departments it is the biggest and best-equipped hospital in West-Brandenburg. In 2009 1.685 children were born in the clinic, 54.000 patients treated in the emergency room and 38.000 people found stationary help through innovative up-to-date medicine. Apart from that the clinic is equipped with a pediatric emergency unit – the first of its kind in the state of Brandenburg. Besides its claim to offer innovative up-to-date medicine on academia level the clinic also focuses on integrating knowledge and expertise into clinical studies by cooperating with university hospitals as well as biomedical and medical engineering companies.

Ernst von Bergmann Klinikum

Association for the Advancement of Immune Diagnostics (GFID)

The Association for the Advancement of Immune Diagnostics (GFID e.V.) was founded by medical doctors and scientists in 2002 in Dresden and is open to all interested German-speaking parties. Its aim is to support the diagnostics of diseases with pathologic immune re­actions or disrupted immune regulation on three levels: health politics, laboratory medicine and clinically applied research. DiagnostikNet | BB is an associated member of the GFID.

GoingPublic Life Sciences

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LABORWELT is the topic-oriented life science journal of the BIOCOM publishing house. It covers one current key biotechnology topic and presents it to a German-speaking expert readership. The journal appears twice a month. DiagnostikNet | BB is a partner association of LABORWELT.

QualifizierungsVerbund Potsdam (QVP)

Aim of the qualification consortium (Quali­fizierungsVerbund Potsdam) is to supply companies with networked instruments for education and vocational training as well as assurance and recruitment of skilled personnel. Due to the regional integration, companies are able to de­velop and pursue a strategic development and qualification of personnel, even with limited resources.

Ernst von Bergmann Klinikum

Trillium Report

In times of restriction and rationing the actual challenge is to achieve competitive advantage through innovation and investment. Trillium Report advocates this change of trend. With an edition of 12.000 copies and more than 5.000 subscribers the report addresses decision makers in clinics and universities, trade organizations and expert associations as well as start-ups and global corporations quarterly.

VDE Medtech

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VDE MedTech is the leading information and innovation platform for medical engineering comprising an expert network of about 3.000 engineers, computer scientists, natural scientists and physicians. As part of the platform the German Society for Biomedical Engineering within the VDE (DGBMT) together with the German Comission electrotechnic, electronic and information technology within the DIN and VDE (DKE) as well as the VDE Testing and Certfification Institute GmbH contribute to the entire value-added chain of medical engineering.

Center for Molecular Diagnostics and Bioanalytics (ZMDB)

As a platform the Center for Molecular Diagnostics and Bio­analytics (ZMDB) bundles basic and clinical research, technology development and industrial application to develop and produce innovative diagnostics in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. In terms of content the ZMDB is supported by the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Technology (IFBT) and the Charité University Medicine Berlin as well as regional companies. ZMDB’s management is in the hands of BioTop – as part of the future management of the joint innovation strategy Berlin-Brandenburg.