Lecture Series: Treffpunkt In-vitro-Diagnostik 'Oncology' | November 30th in Berlin

Diagnostic Innovations for Veterinary Medicine: Manufacturers & Users Initiate Development Projects

MEDICA 2017 | Quality & Progress: In-vitro Diagnostics made in Berlin-Brandenburg


Foto Gallery



Here you find a selection of fotos from our past events. In order to download a foto in its original size, please click on the preview of the requested foto.


The galery will be updated regularly.


Workshop EU IVD Regulation | October 19th 2017

MVZ Laborverbund, Hennigsdorf/Berlin

10 Years of Excellence in In-vitro Diagnostics | September 7th 2017

Villa Bergmann, Potsdam

Forum Companion Diagnostics Network | May 18th 2017

CoLaborator, Berlin

Meeting Point In-vitro Diagnostics  'Allergies' | May 11th 2017

Magnus-Haus, Berlin

Forum Veterinary Diagnostics | September 28th 2016

Veterinarium Progressum, Berlin


World Café PARMENIDes | June 8th 2016

Museum Kesselhaus KEH, Berlin


Forum Companion Diagnostics Network | May 26th 2016

CoLaborator, Berlin

Forum Companion Diagnostics Network | September 16th 2015

CoLaborator, Berlin


Kick-off PARMENIDes | May 6th 2015

Magnus-Haus, Berlin