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Working Groups

Within the DiagnostikNet-BB 4 working groups have been formed, namely:

  • Companion Diagnostics
  • Reimbursement & Lobbying
  • Immunoassays
  • mHealth-Dx

Working Group Companion Diagnostics

Only two thirds of patients respond to prescribed pharmaceuticals. Yet, more than 10 percent of patients suffer side effects resulting in a worse state of health. Personalized medical products allowing to optimally treating stratified patients hold advantages for all major players: On the one hand, doctors are able to prescribe safer and more effective therapies and hence spare patients from unnecessary, burdensome therapeutic trails. On the other hand – owing to the fact that treatments become more efficient – the healthcare system profits by saving money. And last but not least pharmaceutical companies benefit from so called ‘niche-busters’ as they offer a good alternative to the often pursued blockbuster strategy. This development holds another potential: It helps to broaden the portfolio of up-to-date diagnostic products and services. That is why DiagnostikNet | BB focuses on designing and producing diagnostic solutions for pharmaceutical development.

More Information

Dr. Kai Schulze-Forster
Phone  +49 (0) 3371 681-313+49 (0) 3371 681-313
Email   schufo[at]celltrend.de



Flyers & Articles

  • Flyer Personalized Medicine DiagnostikNet-BB | download
  • Article "Personalised Medicine: Pharma and Dx firms share wider horizons | European Biotechnology News; No 7–8, Volume 11, 2012, page 38 ff | download


Working Group Reimbursement & Lobbying

In the regulated German healthcare system introducing novel diagnostics into the clinic is tightly linked to issues regarding evaluation and reimbursement through health insurances. As one has to deal with long waiting times for admitting to the Uniform Value Scale (Einheitlicher Bewertungsmaßstab, EBM) net sales effects come in very late. Hence DiagnostikNet | BB is deeply concerned to represent the companies’ interests. Together with the Verband der Diagnostica-Industrie e.V. (VDGH) and BIO Deutschland e.V. we demand better framework conditions.

More information

Dr. Frauke Adams
Phone  +49 (0)3302 55 199-14+49 (0)3302 55 199-14
Email  f.adams[at]diagnostiknet-bb.de


Working Group Immunoassays

The members of DiagnostikNet-BB command different antibody-based technologies and platforms that can be implemented in diverse scenarios. The working group initiates cooperation projects for novel marketable product developments in the area of immunoassays. Hereby, point-of-care testing particularly represents a technological main focus. Besides medical diagnostics environmental and food analytics as well as veterinary medicine serve as further fields of application.

More information

Dr. Rudolf J. Schneider
Email rudolf.schneider[at]bam.de


Working Group mHealth-Dx

In order to establish a sustainable health care system it is important to link mobile medical services with diagnostic results. The working group focuses especially on one of the essential technical barriers: the lacking interoperability of diagnostic tools and IT solutions which hampers synergetic effects of telemedicine applications, evokes media discontinuities within the communication flow, reduces data quality and leads to complex, ineffective and error-prone workflows. Moreover the time-consuming reconciliation of data sets and a heterogeneous data, system and interface landscape cause additional expenditures. The working group aims to overcome these obstacles by improving interoperability and creating open structures. Besides it is the aim to develop solutions that are applicable and can be implemented easily in basic medical care.

More information

Prof. Frank F. Bier

Email frank.bier[a]izi-bb.fraunhofer.de